Adeline von Canstein - Germany
Woodbridge School

Our daughter greatly enjoyed her time at Woodbridge and we wouldn’t have found this wonderful school without the help of David Dobson. He went through great lengths to offer us a selection of suitable schools even though our daughter only went for one term. During the consultancy process he was very organized, reliable, accessible, patient and flexible.

In school, Adeline felt challenged and supported in a great many more ways than in her German school. The teachers were extremely kind and accommodating, she had the impression that they were truly interested in her academic development. This, in addition to improving her English, experiencing a different school system, and finding new friends from all over the world, made her stay at Woodbridge a truly memorable experience.

Aurelia Schmiegelow - Cologne International School, Germany
Bryanston School

Dear Mr. Dobson,
I hope you’ve had a great summer. I’ve now started my third week here at Bryanston School and I wanted to thank you once more for all the effort and time that has led me to this wonderful place.
It has felt like a real kick-start into the new school year and the IB, and I already feel very at home, after only two weeks.
The music department here is spectacular and I think I will truly improve both my solo and chamber music, as the dedicated staff seem to want to make every music student reach his or her full potential.
The past weeks have also let me explore different things in regards to sports; from football to climbing and dance, and the facilities and teachers are spectacular. My teachers are all very enthusiastic, dedicated and understanding. Bryanston has been very welcoming and warm and the new headmaster too seems very keen to maintain and strengthen the excellence of the school.
Once again, thank you so much for helping me come to Bryanston, which I think is the best school for me, and I hope the next two years will be as wonderful as the first few weeks have been.
Aurelia Schmiegelow

Perla Schumacher - Germany
Windermere School

Dear David,
Thank you so much for your support and guidance through the whole process of finding the right school for our daughter in the UK. We highly appreciated your close accompaniment from the selection of schools through the application process to making the right decision. We could always rely on your dedication, knowledge, experience and network. Plus: We know that we can always get in touch and find help if a problem might arise in the future.
Best regards,
Jasmin Schumacher

Noah Herrmann - Cologne International School, Germany
West Buckland School – Year 10
OXSS – St. Edward’s School, Oxford – IGCSE
Felsted School – Sixth Form, IB Diploma

I really enjoyed my term at West Buckland School. I made great contact to international people and really enjoyed to study at the school.
David Dobson is very professional and helped me to find the perfect school for my short stay, which made me want to go to a British boarding school even longer.
Due to great communication and help, I have found a great school for my last two years – Felsted School. I am really looking forward to it and would like to say thank you, as David made a great effort to find the perfect schools for me. On top of that, David helped me to find the perfect revision course in Oxford, so I could tackle my IGCSEs more easily. I can only recommend David to everyone that would consider a boarding school or a summer camp.

Meike Schietke - Germany
Rossall School

Dear David,
It is now less than three weeks ago since I have contacted you the first time about a boarding school in the UK for our daughter Meike. A few minutes ago I have booked the last puzzle piece, a rental car to drive with her from Manchester airport to Blackpool so that she can start on 03.09.2018 at Rossall School.
This was a crazy fast tour for us. Hence I have taken a few moments to think what has happened in these last nineteen days. Bottom line is that this would not have been possible without your outstanding help. Therefore we, Meike, my wife and myself, want to express our deepest thanks for what you have done for us.
Best regards,
Meike, Sabine and Jϋrgen

Samuel K. - St.-Anna-Schule Wuppertal, Germany
West Buckland School

Dear David,
Samuel is back home for almost two months in his old school and now that he wrote his first tests we can say that his academic performance is very good, as well as his attitude concerning work. His exercise books and working papers are neater than ever before! Obviously West Buckland taught him to organize himself. We are very happy about the mature and sensible young man that returned home after two terms in Great Britain.
He had a wonderful time, found nice new friends (in June he will return to visit some of them) and made a very nice personal development.
To send Samuel to West Buckland was a great idea! Thus thank you so much for your help choosing the school and organizing this stay! You did a wonderful job and it was very soothing to know you were there to counsel and assist! Talking to you was always a great pleasure and I'm actually a little sad that I have no fourth child and thus no opportunity to contact you again to look for the perfect boarding school. So the only thing I can do (and I already do) is to tell everybody, who is thinking about sending a child abroad, about this very nice and capable consultant of ours!
Again thank you so much and all the best to you

Nicolas Heller - Cologne International School, Germany
Uppingham School

Being a former headmaster David is an expert of the British school system. He invested a lot of time enquiring about our son’s preferences, in order to select the best options for him. Always being authentic his honest advice led us to a perfect solution. We are very grateful getting to know David and he is still accompanying our son’s curriculum.

Niklas von Richthofen - Germany
West Buckland School

I joined West Buckland School for two terms and I really enjoyed studying at the school. As part of the boarding community, I felt like I was in a big international family. I really enjoyed the weekends where there would be regular trips and activities for boarders. My houseparents were fantastic and really supportive and became my second family. I will miss West Buckland very much!

Annik Ketterle - Germany
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

Last year, working together with Mr Dobson, I successfully completed my application for Strathclyde Business School which is part of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. Having completed my Abitur I am currently pursuing an Undergraduate degree in Economics. Not only did Mr Dobson advise me on the application procedure and formalities, but he also gave me personal guidance such as academic advice and encouragement. Having studied at Strathclyde Business School for one academic year, I can personally say that this has been an astonishing experience and a real learning curve. The University offers exceptional and passionate teaching. The academic and non-academic staff have a very approachable manner and show their support by offering their time generously for additional help if required. I am looking forward as to what the remainder of my studies entails in the forthcoming three years of living in Scotland.

Anna Marie Junge Pedersen - Odense International School, Denmark
British Study Centres (Ardingly College)

I went to Ardingly College during the Easter holiday, which was a great experience. Most children wrinkle their nose when they hear the word “study in the holidays”; however the way studying was mixed with activities and friends made it a really fun experience. If those children who wrinkled their noses experienced an Easter course I’m sure they wouldn’t wrinkle their nose anymore, but instead beg their parents to go the next year. That is the only problem with study courses; you want to do it again! Not only do you improve your English, you also learn about the other children’s lifestyle and culture. If I could explain what a study course was in one sentence I would say: "A study course is a whole new way to learn English and engage socially with different cultures."

Thomas and Lukas Wenzel - Germany
Discovery Summer (Radley College)

Dear Mr Dobson,
We are Thomas and Lukas Wenzel and want to give a feedback to Radley Discovery Summer School.
In our opinion, Radley was amazing. We had much fun, learned a lot and met new people. There was a good selec-tion of activities so everyone could do what he wanted to do.
There was nothing to complain about. We are thinking about going there next summer again, but are not sure. But if we go, then definitely to Radley again.
Thomas and Lukas Wenzel

Mara Herrmann - Cologne International School, Germany
Discovery Summer (Marymount School)

Hello, my name is Mara, and I am 9 years old. This summer I visited Marymount Summer School organized by Discovery Summer. I was quite nervous on my first day. However, everyone was super welcoming, and I found a lot of international friends, who I still have contact with. We had an amazing trip to London and I learned a lot. I also decided to do drama lessons in the afternoons. I’m happy to come back next year.

Phoebe Gregg - Ballakermeen High School, Isle of Man, UK
Summer Business School, Munich

David Dobson contacted me through my mother about a great opportunity that I could have, travelling to Munich to attend the summer school since I had a keen interest in Business Studies at school. I had the most amazing time, learning more about different aspects of business and making lots of life long friends. It was really one of the best experiences I have had the opportunity to do. I developed lots of new skills that I can take away with me to help me in my future studies and even beyond and into my working life. David was very helpful and even arranged a bursary towards my college fees.

Marie-Qu Leve Poulsen - Bjorns International School, Copenhagen
Cambridge Language & Activity Courses (Slindon College)

Dear David
I have been wanting to write to you because I am so grateful about the way everything turned out. Thank you so much for your help with CLAC! Marie-Qu has had the time of her livf on this course. She's learned so much. She has gained a lot of confidence and is just speaking English now, even if not perfectly. Socially the course was also a big adventure. She is still wearing her CLAC-hoodie every day and all she wants is to come back next year for an even longer course.
Kind regards
Christa Leve Poulsen

Jeppe Eskildsen - Dyhrs Skole, Slagelse, Denmark
SAMIAD – Box Hill School

Dear David
When we met Jeppe at Copenhagen airport on 22nd July, he was naturally happy to see us – but at the same time, he was ready to turn around and go straight back to Box Hill School!
Jeppe has had an absolute wonderful time with Samiad at Box Hill. He points out the atmosphere at the school and the team spirit among the students as highlights. Also, the fact that each day had a fixed schedule from morning till late with a huge variety of activities and experiences which were appreciated very much by Jeppe. As for the English lessons, Jeppe especially enjoyed that trips away from the school were prepared during the lessons, eg. learning about Warwick Castle before going there. Jeppe found all his teachers to be very kind, helpful and forthcoming. Jeppe now feels a lot more confident in expressing himself in English, and does this much more naturally.
As you may know, we travelled with Jeppe to Box Hill School at the start of the course. We got a very nice impression of the school premises and the accommodation facilities. We were welcomed by a young man named Martin, who was very kind and assured the boys that they could always turn to him for assistance or for answers to any queries, they might have. He also showed them, that his room was in the same building as theirs. This warm reception of our son was very reassuring for us as parents.
Jeppe has made a lot of new friends from several countries, and they now keep in contact via social media. He definitely wishes to attend a summer school in England again sometime, and even talks about getting a job in order to save up for a new trip.
As parents, we are so proud of our son, who has been on his own “far” away from home for the first time and done very well in taking care of himself – of course very well assisted by Samiad. And Jeppe bringing home the “Certificate of Excellence for Excellent Sportsmanship” just brought a proud mother’s tear to my eye.
Thank you very much for informing us of the possibilities for attending an English summer school and for facilitating the contact to Samiad.
Best regards,
Stella Eskildsen

Christian Licht - Odense International School, Denmark
More Than English – Moor Park School

Dear David,
Christian really enjoyed his stay at the ‘More than English’ summer school. It’s certainly something he would consider doing again and indeed recommend to others. Here is what Christian thought of the experience in his own words:
“I enjoyed my 2-week stay at More Than English summer school very much. The school had a lot to offer, for an example it’s Get Ahead options where I choose Business Challenge and Golf, but also 2 daily activities, and each day had six different options. The food was also absolutely amazing, cooked by a former Olympic chef. The teaching in the Core-English class was way beyond what I was expecting. I had an amazing teacher named Calvin who really not just made the lessons interesting, but also made sure that we individually learned as much as possible in our two weeks at the school.”
With kindest regards from DK
Christian, Dorthe and Peter Licht

Lina - Germany
More Than English – Moor Park School

If someone were to ask me, with what three words I would describe More Than English (MTE) I would say: friendship, fun, family. These words may seem extreme considering I only spent two weeks in Ludlow and that it was my first time; however, once any person has been to MTE I believe they will agree with me.
The first few days after my arrival were filled with an array of new experiences, and coincidently I learnt one of the biggest life lessons, to have fun and make friends. You have to go out of your comfort-zone and simply talk to people – create a foundation for friendship. I truly think that the friendships made at MTE are ones that last, if not that at least the ones worth being remembered for a life time.
Throughout the day fun is a constant factor, the planned activities are meant to be fun and they are; but some people would think that lessons are a bore - not at MTE. At More Than English the lessons are fun because there is no need to stick to a set curriculum. Lessons are based on what you need and want to learn - so if you spend a lesson solely talking about a seemingly pointless topic that doesn’t matter as teachers will have found a way to incorporate some learning aspect into it without you knowing.
As for family, for me personally the housing already created a sense of family; everybody of one gender living on one floor with your house parents as well. This lets you become a family which is only enforced through the friendships that are formed. Lessons, Get-Ahead Options and overall activities only apply a bigger sense of familiarity. More Than English creates a family through, for example team work but also through the responsibility of older students over the younger ones.
My experience was one that I wouldn’t trade for the world. I am keen to see if I can attend next year as well, and if so I would even like to stay longer.

Philipp Runggaldier - Germany
Studio Cambridge Summer School

Dear Mr Dobson,
I really enjoyed my time in Cambridge. My hostmother, Mrs Christian, was very nice and helpful with all kinds of answers to the questions I had. Also her food was, against all prejudices of the English kitchen, delicious. I had a large room with my own bathroom. She changed the bed linen and did my laundry weekly. But also the school was great. The level was quite good and all the teachers were very nice and professional. The only negative thing was that I changed teacher 3 times in 4 weeks but they were all very good. All in all Studio Cambridge is a very recommendable school for people of my age. At this point thank you very much for your suggestion. I hope my feedback was helpful and remain so,
with best regards from Germany
Philipp Runggaldier

Anne Bjørnholt - Denmark
Studio Cambridge Summer School

I am a mature student from Denmark and can only say that I had an excellent stay at the summer school with Studio Cambridge. The very competent teachers really understood how to prepare the lessons in a way that gave you a lift in talking, reading and writing English. The tests at the beginning of the stay secured tuition which adjusted to the pupils’ needs and levels. There were lots of social activities, so the usage of English took place not only during the lessons but the entire time!
My course was arranged by David Dobson and everything was perfect from start to the end. I can really recommend Studio Cambridge to every person who wants to brush up his/her English, who wants to know more about English society and culture in friendly and helpful surroundings.

Jessica Li - Ballakermeen High School, Isle of Man, UK
Summer Business School, Munich

I attended the Navigator Summer School 2015 at Globe Business College Munich. This one-week programme was an amazing learning experience, with so much to take away after what I thought would be a short time. This brilliant programme gives you an insight into real businesses, and challenges you in ways that differ from school and exams. Personally I felt that my communication, presentation and teamwork skills have improved vastly. This was due to the expertise of the friendly staff and all the help that they provide.

The course was introduced to me through David Dobson, who then arranged for me to attend. I highly recommend taking up this incredible opportunity to experience business outside of normal lessons whilst meeting new people and having a great time!

Emil Kert - Dyhrs Skole, Slagelse, Denmark
SAMIAD – Box Hill School

Dear David
SAMIAD Summer School at Box Hill is definitely something we can recommend to others. The food was good, and Emil had a wonderful time. There have been only positive things about the stay.
Maybe we will return next summer with Emil’s brother and one of his friends.
Best regards
Martin Kert

Dear Mr Dobson
I had a great time in England at Box Hill, and it was actually the best two weeks in my life. It changed my life completely, in a good way of course.
Everything was good about the trip, the teachers were so sweet and every student at the campus behaved nicely.
However the best thing about the school was the friends I got there.
Best regards

Pascal Dannenfeld - Germany
Studio Cambridge Easter School

I contacted David Dobson and he organised the whole stay for me in England.
I arrived in Cambridge for a 3 week English course. The time there was awesome. I went to a school called Studio Cambridge and how shall I say, it is a brilliant place to learn English. The school’s teaching methods are modern, interesting and really good. They try to find out what your weaknesses are and then focus the exercises on those points. There is every day an opportunity to join some activities in the evening, such as punting on the River Cam, going together to a cinema, playing football ...
Another great thing is friendship. You will meet people from all over the world in the school and they are all there to learn English. For me, there was from the beginning a connection to the other students and with most of the people, this “connection” became a friendship. Six months later I´m still in contact with those guys and have now friends from all over the world. All I can say is, I learned a lot, my English is much better and it was a wonderful time.

Luzie Troelsen - International School Braunschweig – Wolfsburg, Germany
OXSS – St. Edward’s School, Oxford

Dear Mr. Dobson,
I like my stay in Oxford and at St. Edward’s School very much. My roommates were great, the food was amazing, the staff was always friendly and helpful, especially when I asked for their help about our trip back home. The classes were “very lovely” (cit. of Mr. Rhys). Kevin and me were the only pupils in Maths and Spanish which caused an intensive learning atmosphere. In Physics there was only one other student, so there, too, was a lot of time to ask my questions and receive understandable and helpful answers.
It was overall a wonderful experience and I will probably return for two weeks next Easter.
Thank you for all your help.
Kind regards and best wishes,
Luzie Troelsen