David Dobson

Having studied in England myself, and as the father of children who have followed the same route, I understand the importance of selecting the right summer school or boarding school for your child.

After finishing school I studied Modern History at Cambridge University and later undertook research into Educational Management at Middlesex University.

During my working life I have been Headmaster in a UK state comprehen-sive school (for 8 years) and then a UK boarding school (for 6 years) as well as a Director of Summer Schools (for 10 years). Furthermore, since 2009 I have worked as a Summer School Quality Control Consultant at the same time as advising parents and students in the UK, Germany and Denmark on summer schools, boarding schools and universities.

I have considerable experience in both UK and international education. I can share the benefits of this expertise with families by recommending the summer school or boarding school which best meets the specific individual needs and wishes of you and your child. The advice is personal, professional and free of charge.

In addition, as my family home is located in England, I am available should any student require advice or assistance while they are in the UK.

Working together we can provide the best experience for your child in a summer school or a boarding school.